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Building Permits & Inspections

A Development Permit is required with most new construction, signs and changes of use. An application for a development permit MUST be made by the OWNER OF THE LAND on which the development is proposed or with the consent of the owner by any other person.
The purpose of a development permit is to ensure new developments are well-suited to the surrounding area and meet the requirements of the Towns Land Use Bylaw.
Along with a development permit, you may require additional permits for safety codes. The Town of Picture Butte uses Superior Safety Codes Inc. to issue and inspect building, electrical, plumbing and gas permits. For more information on these permits, please visit
When applying for a development permit, you will need to complete an application form. You must submit an application fee, a duplicate set of plans and any other documentation necessary to process your application. (Example of Site Plan & Evaluation Drawings) If the application is approved, the stamped set of drawings will be returned to you with the permit. Incomplete forms or missing information will result in your application taking longer to process.
If a proposed use is listed as discretionary within the applicable land use district or a waiver is requested the application will be forwarded to the Municipal Planning Commission for consideration and the adjacent land owners will be notified of the public hearing by mail out. The Municipal Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of every month, if necessary.

If you are unsure if you need a development permit, CALL TOWN OFFICE 403-732-4555. One call can save you time and money!

Development Permit Applications (fillable):

Informational Brochures:
Brochures can also be found at Town Office.

When purchasing or selling your home, you will probably need a letter of compliance from the town. This letter ensures that the building meets the Land-Use Bylaw requirements and that no structures have been built without permits.
For more information please contact the Town Office:
Development Officer
Phone – 403-732-4555
Fax – 403-732-4334 
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