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Picture Butte, AB


The excellent view from the prominence located on the southeastern side of Town prompted early settlers to call it "Picture Butte". In July of 1974 the Picture Butte Hill, for which Picture Butte was named was no more. This historic landmark, from which Indians sent smoke signals in the old days, was removed. Part of it was used to dyke the south shore of the lake. By the time the project was completed the hill was levelled and what formerly was a dry knoll soon became business sites for future development of the town. 

The lake is shallow with reed beds on the west shore, a privately owned nesting area on the northwest shore, a shallow shore for waders on the northwest and a stoney bank for fishing on the east shore.

Walking trails skirt the lake except along the east shore where the highway intrudes, and along the private nesting area. If you turn right after leaving the car park, you will walk along the retaining dam to the east shore where the fishing is good - 10 pound pike are common. North of the irrigation outlet there is a marshy area with a shallow shore where waders join the ducks. Turning left along the dam brings you to the west shore where reed beds join the grass lands and buffalo berry bushes were planted in the spring of 1992. This is blackbird country.

Walking north brings you to the main Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District canal where water rats (Muskrats) abound. These help keep the canal weed free and have been trapped for years as a local industry. North of the canal is the private area set aside for nesting. Follow the canal to where it enters the lake. A long spit brings you out into the water from which the migratory flocks can be best seen. Over 200 White Pelicans, 500 Canada Geese and 300 American Coots have been counted here on one day, gathering for the fall migration. This is a major transit station. 

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