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Planning and Development Policies

In making decisions regarding issues of planning and development, municipalities have much to consider, including federal and provincial legislation, environmental and historical impacts and the approved policies of the municipality itself. Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires all municipalities within Alberta to have a listing of all policies and bylaws not approved under Part 17 of the MGA that influences Planning decisions available on their public websites:

The following is a directory of all approved policies for the Town of Picture Butte, which relate to planning and development (Part 17 of the MGA) within the Town.

Master Planning and Development Bylaws and Procedures:

All local statutory plans must be aligned with the Provincial South Saskatchewan Regional Plan. At the top of the municipal planning hierarchy there are numbers 'high level' master plans such as the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) that generally address the co-ordination of land use, future growth patterns, transportation and infrastructure. These master plans are carried out through the adoption of other plans and bylaws that facilitate the implementation of the high level planning documents.

Development Authority Bylaws:

Outside of the Land Use Bylaw, there are other bylaws that establish additional development authorities. These authorities augment the Town's mechanisms for making decisions, but do not increase the Town's decision making authority. These additional development authorities provide the public with increased accessibility to the decision making process by allowing for more opportunities for the public to be engaged in the process. 
Additional Bylaws and Policies that influence development:

There are other policies and bylaws that relate to the finer details of land development and the issuing of development permits. These policies are often related to construction practices and the enforcement of standards.

Area Structure Plans (ASP) and Concept Schemes:

The purpose of ASPs and Concept Schemes is to provide a framework for subdivision and development (build out) of a previously undeveloped area of land. ASPs and Concept Schemes describe the orderly phasing of development, the land uses to be developed and their densities or intensity of development, and sets out the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities. These plans would influence development permits and subdivision applications. Policies may be taken into account when draftingthese plans, or in some instances, the plans prompt the creation of new policies and procedures.

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP):

An ARP is a statutory plan that guides the redevelopment, preservation and rehabilitation of an existing neighbourhood. ARPs can provide a planning framework to guide the redevelopment decisions within a defined area of the Town with the aim of meeting the future challenges and goals for an area as it evolves over the long term. These plans would influence development permits and subdivision approvals.

Transportation and Infrastructure:

Transportation is linked to all aspects of daily life. The community's economic and social wellbeing depends greatly on its transportation system providing safe, efficient and sustainable modes of the movement of people and goods. Plans, studies and bylaws aim to achieve a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation as the Town grows and changes over the long term. These plans would influence development permit applications, subdivision approvals and the preparation of statutory plans.

Parks and Recreation

These kinds of plans reflect the Town's ongoing commitment to aim to meet the parks and recreation needs and desires of the its residents. These plans aim to guide the Town's decision making processes in a way that will meet the evolving needs and desires of residents into the future over the long term. These plans would influence ASPs, ARPs, LUB, and the MDP.

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