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Sunset Park Subdivision

The Town of Picture Butte is proud to be developing our new residential subdivision, Sunset Park!

What is Sunset Park?

Consisting of two phases, Sunset Park is our newest subdivision, nestled on the north-west side of Town. The first phase provides 27 fully serviced lots, with some backing on to green spaces and having alley access. Lots range in price from $9.50 per square foot to $10.50 per square foot. Lot sizes range from 5,274 sq. ft. for new home buyers or empty nesters looking to downsize, to 9,041 sq. ft. for the most discerning resident. Architectural controls are in place to protect your investment and several incentive programs are available to encourage residential development!

Available Lots

With only 11 lots remaining, almost 60% of the lots in phase one have already been sold! Click here to see the most up-to-date information on lots including sizes, pricing and which lots have already sold!


In order to encourage residential development, the Town of Picture Butte will waive municipal property taxes for the first two years of ownership, provided that the property is being developed and meeting the requirements below.

1. In the first year of ownership, should the owner/developer complete the foundation and backfill within six months of the date of closing, the Town of Picture Butte will provide a tax credit equivalent to the municipal portion of the property tax. All other taxes will apply. Failure to comply will result in municipal taxes being imposed

2. In the second year of ownership from the date of closing, should the owner/developer complete the home, excluding finishes and landscaping, and have an active utility account, he/she will be eligible for a municipal tax credit equivalent to the municipal portion of the property taxes. Failure to meet the requirement will result in municipal taxes being imposed.

Please note that the Town will follow our regular practice of sending a combined tax/assessment notice. The property owner will be expected to pay these taxes and any penalties for late payment. Should the property owner be eligible for a tax credit as defined above, Council will authorize a tax credit and a rebate for the municipal portion of the property tax and reimburse the property owner.

Architectural Controls

As a means of protecting your investment and ensuring standards of appearance and quality in Sunset Park, the Town has implemented Architectural Controls. These standards are in place to ensure all residents enjoy their new neighborhood! By not allowing or requiring certain elements, like not allowing chain-link fences or storage of heavy machinery, you can be sure that all lots in Sunset Park will be something you and your neighbors can be proud of.

You can read more about the Architectural Controls for Sunset Park here.
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